Build A Website? Me?? 
Hard To Believe I Built It Myself!

Me build a website? Yeah, right. We're talking zero experience, zero knowledge. But my new website,, is up, running, and if I do say so myself, looking pretty darn good!

Have you ever noticed how some of the best things in your life could never have been planned or even imagined? That's how I feel about this website.

I am having SO MUCH FUN building this website, and a year ago I never would have imagined I'd be capable of such a thing, let alone doing it.

If you've surfed around much on my website, you know that I was absolutely led by God into my recovery from alcoholism back in 1995. I was literally struck sober!


Well, He's at it again. I was divinely inspired to build a website called!

The problem: I had zero experience or knowledge about building a website. I loved surfing around the internet, and I was able to check my email and search online with the best of them. But build a website? Not me, man.

How I Did It

The night I stumbled across or Site Build It! ("SBI!"), I was out searching the Web for various things.

So I landed on and began reading and listening to the videos. Something (or Someone) told me to just do it!

Next thing I know I was signing up and printing out the SBI! Action Guide to teach me exactly how to build a website. That night I crawled into bed and began reading. The way the Action Guide is written makes it easy to understand and also entertaining. I was hooked! (In fact, I've become a bit obsessed! It's that 'ole addictive nature shining through...)

But what a great obsession! I'm actually building a website!! And not only that:

  • I am expressing myself through writing, which I love.
  • I am expressing myself creatively. (Check out all the photos. Can you tell I love the BEACH?)
  • I am learning so much about how to build a website as an "Infopreneur" and how it all works: search engines, keywords, links, affiliate programs, Google ads, Alexa traffic, writing content, optimization, small business success, web marketing. I could go on and on. Heck, I'm even learning a little HTML!
  • Most importantly, I am carrying the message of HOPE about alcoholism recovery.

I have no idea where God is leading me with I do know that He led me to build this website, and I will just keep on building and building and building and building and building . . .

Remember: Always Under Construction! Check back often to monitor the progress

beach home under construction

So would you like to build a website yourself??

This is how I got started.


To New Life! Julie D. 

This video is fun to watch and really inspiring!

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