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To New Life!

An Open Letter to all my readers and web-followers
September, 2010

I want to apologize to all of you who may have commented, left messages, and asked questions on my website over the past (too many) months. You may not have received a reply because I took a bit of a breather from, for personal reasons.

Ever noticed how life sometimes deals a kick in the teeth, seemingly out of nowhere, and there’s nothing much to be done except shut down? Well, that is what’s gone on with me – a setback of sorts that caused me to push the pause button for a time. I am thankful, though, that I recognize that despite difficulties and disappointments, I am under the tender care of Almighty God. As Verse 15 of Psalm 31 says, My times are in Your hands.

Of course, there was a time in this alcoholic’s life when I had no recognition of this fact. I knew only one response to such adversity, and that was to drink. Oh how grateful I am for the clarity that allows me to see that there is rhyme and reason to it all, that nothing takes God by surprise, and absolutely nothing happens in His world by mistake. I don’t have to understand it all; all I have to know is that God is still on His throne! What a freedom when, as they say, bad things happen to good people, that I no longer feel trapped in some cold, merciless fate that seems to lead to hopeless doom. Besides . . . despite it all, I will celebrate 15 miraculous years of continuous sobriety on the 11th of this month!

So I am slowing healing and making my way back, with the help of those trusty Twelve Steps! If I failed to acknowledge your communication, please know that it was indeed read by me, and as is the case with each request for advice or help that I receive, I have prayed over it.

I appreciate your interest in more than you know!

Pressing on,


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