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Need alcoholism treatment information? As you have learned from my writings on these pages, I did not go to a treatment center back in 1995 when I got sober.

That's not to say that I didn't NEED treatment! I did. In fact, it was against doctor's orders that I didn't go. Had I followed his advice, I wonder now where I would have landed. My doctor probably would have suggested a particular treatment center that he was familiar with. No doubt I needed alcoholic rehabilitation. But would it have been the right option for me?

One size does not fit all when it comes to alcoholism treatment. There are choices.

Many Choices

In the pages that follow, I hope to give you the alcoholism treatment information you are looking for. I will explore the various types of treatment available and the theories behind them. What are the options, and what really works?? 

The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous worked for me, and I believe in them wholeheartedly. However, the twelve step ideology does not work for everyone.

One alcoholic talking to another alcoholic works, NO DOUBT. That is the wisdom behind Alcoholics Anonymous. But while this is a valid source of wisdom, what about that of the medical and psychiatric community? It is valid as well and should not be overlooked.

As you seek substance abuse treatment information, look for one common element. No matter what the treatment, make absolutely sure that it is grounded in treating people with respect and dignity.

alcoholism treatment information

And another thing. Make sure that the treatment center does not treat alcoholism as a moral failing. In other words, if the philosophy of the alcohol treatment center is that blame for the problems of the alcoholic should be placed squarely on the alcoholic himself, STEER CLEAR. This "moral perspective" disregards any biological component and implies that the alcoholic chose his alcoholic lifestyle and the misery that goes with it. It implies that if he would simply become less selfish, less dishonest, or less destructive to himself and his family, he could then "just say no" and solve the problem.

I guess what I am saying is that humiliation and shame tactics should never be part of your treatment experience. If they are, STEER CLEAR.

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alcoholism treatment information

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Directory
This is a great directory of reputable and ethical alcohol and drug rehab centers.

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