Steps in Alcoholism Recovery
and there are 12 of them!

We all know there are Twelve Steps in alcoholism recovery. I know these 12 steps well, and I know they work. As a recovering alcoholic, I continue to work the steps daily in my recovery. In the pages that follow, you will find my personal understanding and interpretation of the Twelve Steps.

Most of what I've learned about the Twelve Steps is from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, the Life Recovery Bible, and discussions in A.A. meetings.

steps in alcoholism recovery

I never would have dreamed there could be such wisdom among a bunch of recovering drunks! These men and women are my teachers, my mentors, and my friends.

Research into the early history of Alcoholics Anonymous reveals that co-founder, Bill Wilson, developed the Twelve Steps in alcoholism recovery with the help of fellow alcoholic, Dr. Bob Smith. Dr. Bob is pictured here on the left, Bill W. is on the right.

steps in alcoholism recovery

Both men sought help for their chronic alcoholism from a Christian fellowship called the Oxford Group. The group espoused the Four Absolutes: Honesty, Purity, Unselfishness, and Love. They practiced the principles of self-survey, confession, restitution, and service to others. The roots of these teachings? You guessed it --- The Holy Bible.

steps in alcoholism recovery

12-step or twelve-step (twelv′step′)

adjective☆ designating or having to do with any of various programs that provide systematic support and guidance to individuals seeking to control an addiction, compulsion, etc.

steps in alcoholism recovery

The Twelve Steps are God's Word put down on a lower shelf where we can reach them.

The Steps I Took

(cute poem)

Step One, and I began to moan, I cannot do this on my own.

Then took Step Two, began to pray, "Restore me God, I ask today."

I took Step Three, gave up my will. Just maybe God will love me still.

Step Four, I am not off the hook. A searching, careful, honest look.

And on the Fifth, I said aloud, "I've done some harm, and I'm not proud."

I took Step Six, and got prepared to be set free, yet I was scared.

Asked God on Seven: "Take them away, all my defects, this I pray."

And on the Eighth, the list was long, recognizing all the wrong.

I took Step Nine, put down my pride. Made amends, no time to hide.

Step Ten, each day I cannot slack, I pray to God, "Keep me on track."

On Eleven, I seek to know: God's will each day, which way to go.

Step Twelve, it is New Life indeed. I'll spread the Word to those in need.


steps in alcoholism recovery

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